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Holmesbake Pies – The English staple, now in Whitecross market.

28 Jan 2013 by Robson Brown, No Comments »


2013-01-25 13.27.00  Whitecross Market is no stranger to the food stall, having hosted a food market for hungry workers for centuries. Holmesbake are relatively new to the scene however. Having set up a stall in mid 2012. With a broad selection of pie on offer, how does this hold up against your store bought ‘Pukka’ or a Football Match pie? And most importantly, does this Pie & Mash combo work well to fill those lunch time hunger prangs?


3613225_afk450PtEpSytnkmktKetyqfst61tivwzxLZKWWIQ-4  For those lucky enough to work around Old Street Station, White Cross Market (And the nearby Red Market) offers you every food category you can imagine to blow your well earned £5.00 on for lunch. So why does the classic pie and mash deserve your cash I hear you call?

Holmesbake pies source locally and with quality ingredients. Not only that, but they serve up your pie & mash with a smile, despite the ever increasing queues on a busy weekday.



2013-01-25 13.35.55

The Pie & Mash – ( Steak & Chorizo – Medium £4.50 ) 

If you can get past the school dinner style serving, you’ll be in for quite a treat. Meaty wholesome chunks of steak are complemented by a thick pastry shell and creamy mash, not to mention the explosion of flavour from the chorizo which makes this pie a cut above many of the store bought (Or even fancy) pies out there currently. This certainly fills you up for the rest of the afternoon, but never being so much that you’ll be throwing any away!


For no extra charge you’re given the addition of fresh veg and gravy. Both are welcome additions, with the gravy complimenting the dish excellently, taking away any dryness that may have been there but without making the whole thing soggy. Whereas the veg simply gives you that little healthy boost for the afternoon, as well as an extra little crunch when required.


Certainly one of the better finds on my recent travels around London. Holmesbake pies are yet to have much of a name outside the people working near to Whitecross Market, but they certainly deserve one!



  • Where – Whitecross Market
  • How – A short wander from Old Street Station.
  • Cost – £4.50 (Medium portion) – £5.50 (Large portion)  – This will get you a lovely slice of pie, mash and even some freshly prepared veg, all slathered in gravy if you want!


SCORE – 9/11

If you can get past how it looks in the container, this is a serious treat. Do be wary though, the large portion may well make you drowsy for the remainder of the day!

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